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Information below in relation to areas discussed at Parents’ Association meetings


Parents’ Association Meeting 1st March 2018

5th Year Irish

2nd honours class using a pass book.

  • This has been the practice for a number of years.
  • The Irish dept. made this decision as the feeling is that the book is too difficult for the ‘lower’ honours class.
  • There are plenty of sections of the ‘pass’ book that they can dip in to.
  • Equally, the teachers would be supplementing with their own notes / PowerPoints etc.

Supervised Study

  • I checked with Ms Farrelly, similar to myself and she isn’t aware of an issue with disruption in study.
  • We have a staff meeting today (05.10.2017) and I will highlight this issue to ensure that there is consistency across the board.


  • I personally met with the prefects-elect and explained the situation and rationale for our decision to them.
  • A number of them were not aware that they were automatically selected for the position next year if they want to occupy it.
  • They all seemed happy that this was the case.


Parents’ Association Meeting 18th October 2018

  • The Principal addressed the area of ‘free classes’ and the approach adopted to them.
  • In any busy second level school you will have classes supervised by other teachers.  This is the ‘trade-off’ that has to made in order to facilitate all the extra-curricular activities that are taking place – sports; trips, meetings, training etc.
  • In these situations, where it is a planned absence, there will be work given to the class the day before by their teacher or left with Senior Management, to be given to pupils by the supervising teacher on the day.
  • In other situations, where a staff member is out due to unforeseen circumstances (sickness etc) – getting classwork to students would be more hit and miss.  On some occasions, staff would be in a position to email work in. This is then given to the pupils by the supervising teacher. But this would not happen in all cases.