Attention LC & JC Students

Important Information for Junior and Leaving Certificate pupils. This material has been shared and emailed with all students.

important sec update

  • All state exam rules and information will be given to pupils by their state exam invigilator.
  • Below are some key reminders:
    • Students must be in full uniform for the duration of the exams;
    • Students need to know their timetable. Any exam that is missed, cannot be repeated under any circumstances;
    • Students need to be early.
      • The state exam invigilator is well within their rights to refuse entry to students who are late. I, as Principal, have no authority to overrule an exam invigilator.
      • Students need to be in school at 9.00am on the 1st day of exams, as the invigilator will want that extra time to ensure all is in order and to go through the rules etc.
      • After that, arriving 15 minutes before the start time of each exam should suffice.
  • Students must not under any circumstance, take phones or any other technology into an exam centre.
    • This being the case, strong consideration should be given to leaving all phones at home during state exams.
    • The school will not liable for any loss or damage to phones, or students belongings.
  • Buses will run every day that exams are taking place.
    • They will run roughly 15 minutes after the end of the last exam that is taking place in the school that day (including Junior and Leaving Certificate exams);
  • Students should have all material with them that they need;
    • A suitable calculator can be brought in to any and all exams, (the school will not be providing calculators to pupils);
    • Blue and Black pen only should be used for writing answers, with pencil allowable for diagrams and graphs only;
    • Maths formulae booklets are provided by the invigilator;
  • 3rd year students are not permitted to change from the level they have indicated to the SEC earlier in the year; and
  • No student should be leaving an exam early;
    • 3rd year students will be supervised in a different room for the duration of the exam, if they have left early.

The very best of luck to all our students in their state exams.

Mr Corcoran

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