Internet Safety Day - Digital Detox

Dear Parent,

During this Covid Pandemic the power of technology has proven so important for many of us in conducting our daily business, communicating with each other and particularly in educating our children. 

It does however, present a dilemma - on one hand we are encouraging our children to log on and engage with online learning. Yet on the other hand we acknowledge that too much screen time can have negative effects on our students, and you, their parents. We all need a balance and we ask you to encourage this where possible with your child.

To coincide with Internet Safety Day which falls next Tuesday Feb 9th we intend on providing Internet Safety lessons during ICT classes next week. We hope to reiterate the basics of online safety and develop the notion of Digital Detox, asking students to make a conscious effort to limit their screen time. This may mean them limiting their time online by prioritising what they do during that time.

Deliberately, ICT homework will be waived for the week and students will be encourage to spend 30 minutes doing something offline. A couple of suggestions from an endless list:

1 .     play a family board game

2,      go for a walk, run, jog or cycle.

3.      spend time with a family member,

4.      share a joke or tell a story

5.      bake, make dinner or help mum, dad or grandparents

6.      draw a picture, learn a card trick, pick flowers, check the sheep or bring in the cows

We also have some resources to share with parents and would love if you could encourage your child, if guilty, to take a screen break.

Click here to see a short US Video on Digital Detox

Click here to join a Parents Internet Safety Webinar – Tues 9th @ 19:30

Lets stay safe and try to strike a balance.

Mr Smith
ICT Coordinator

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