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Vaccine Information

HSE School Vaccination Programme


Following some queries to the HSE in relation to the HPV School Vaccination Programme for 2017/18  the HSE have asked the Department of Education and Skills to bring the information below to the attention of school management bodies; school principals; and parents.

The Department of Education and Skills facilitates co-operation between post-primary schools and the HSE on the HPV school vaccination programme.

The HSE school vaccination programme has been in place for over 20 years to protect children from life threatening diseases. This is line with the World Health Organization recommendation that school age vaccines are given in schools.

The HSE regularly provides information about HPV and other vaccines for schools. The new HPV vaccine and cervical cancer fact sheet for teachers issued for 2017/18 was developed following requests from various educational bodies for answers to specific queries and can be used by teachers as they wish.

As for all school vaccinations, indemnity for any future liability arising from the HSE school vaccinators role is a matter addressed by the HSE. All HSE staff adhering to national guidelines are indemnified for their actions.

Thank you

Mr Corcoran